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Marine Rébuffat


Account manager | Communication strategy | Digital strategy | Project managment

How does the agency work ?

The agency operates on the principle of Network Company thanks to its multiple collaborations and its two strong partners. The in-house skills are what is strategic, project management and the entire customer relationship. The creative and production aspect is carried out by talented entrepreneurs with whom Spinnaker has been working since the beginning. This ensures that they always have the personality and graphic style, experience and affinity for your project and always provide the best to enhance your business.

When you have a communication project of any kind (complete identity, flyers, website or complete follow-up for example), we take the time to do a briefing together. I will then brief the right people for your project (graphic designers, strategists, or other), and I take care of all the follow-up from planning to delivery. So I am your only main contact, unless you wish to meet directly with a colleague as well. This management process is valid for the web (I take care of everything: management of the collaborators for the webdesign, production and technical environment, up to the online publishing), but also for the printing (from the design to the project management with my partner printers in Switzerland.

What are our customers profiles ?

Spinnaker deals with all company profiles from very small (single persons) to small SMEs. Larger companies are also handled by me, but become Swiss House of Brands projects. This transition between the two companies is important because often SMEs, start-ups & family businesses need a different constellation of skills that go beyond the role of a communications agency. Swiss House of Brands has all the specialisations required to carry out projects with a broader spectrum.

For the types of clients, Spinnaker has experience in various sectors, such as restaurants, wellness, business, horses, and its predecessor field is the wine industry. We have developed over time a quality expertise for this sector, as much in terms of deisng, trends, as on the reality of this trade and the needs of a domain. The legal aspects and the various issues related to the sector & others are also mastered.

Who is Marine Rébuffat ?

I did my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Strategy at IPAC Design, after having travelled around the world, sometimes backpacking, sometimes less, but always looking for experiences to build myself. I am firmly convinced that it is not only at school that we learn our jobs, but above all that we learn to think! We learn by listening to others, by travelling, by making mistakes, by doing as many experiences as possible (volunteering & co).

The intelligence required for communication jobs is multi-faceted. In addition to pure skills (rightly learned at school), the major asset of a person qualified for this profession is partly elsewhere. It lies in the emotional intelligence to understand, listen to, and analyse the client as a person. It also lies in collective intelligence to be able to bring out the best in each collaboration so that the client is as valuable as possible. It is also a cultural richness and a particularly sharp open-mindedness that create success in my opinion.

What makes the difference between two agencies, beyond the subjective choices in terms of design & strategy, is the personality of the individual you will trust. A communication project is a collaboration, not just a service. A collaboration in which there is a guide, but it is the whole team that is essential to complete the missions.

Why the name "Spinnaker" ?

Sailing is one of my favourite hobbies! One day, my mother and sister and I were sailing up the Corsican coast, when we came across a superb regatta. All the boats under spinnaker, a light to fall, and that’s when we chose together the name “Spinnaker”. A spinnaker is a type of sail hoisted at the front of a sailing boat when the wind is blowing from the rear of the ship. It is mainly a performance sail. It improves performance but cannot replace a good ship or sailor. The parallel with communication was obvious to me! Communication is an enhancement, an increase in performance through the message, but cannot work miracles if it is not done properly.


These are the people with whom Spinnaker collaborates on the majority of projects.



Gasoline Studio - Design & Webdesign

Ludovic Elio

TMKL - Design | Webdesign | Développement | Digital

Chantal Baer

Admarka - Naming | Stratégie de marque | Internationalisation de marque

léo & justin cornut

CRNT - Digital technologies


These are the companies that Spinnaker trusts and recommends for their areas of expertise.



Imprimeur à Carouge (Genève)

Artgraphic Cavin

Imprimeur à Grandson (Vaud)

Décora Publicité

Réalisations publicitaires


Imprimeur à Châtel-St-Denis (Fribourg)




Agence de presse

Swiss House of Brands is a brand strategy consultancy. Spinnaker is in charge of design & branding.


Graphisme & branding
  • Logo & chartes graphiques
  • Supports de communication (brochures, bureautique,...)
  • Campagnes publicitaires (affiches, flyers)
  • Signalétique & habillages de véhicules / vitrines
  • Supports événementiels (invitations,...)
  • Etiquettes de vin
  • Packaging
SITES WEB & digital
  • Positionnement
  • Stratégie business
  • Stratégie de communication
  • Constructions de marques
  • Restructuration d'entreprise
  • Evaluation de marque
  • Internationalisation de marque

Ces prestations sont réalisées par Swiss House of Brands

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Marine Gruaz-Rebuffat | Spinnaker Communication


Bureau : +41 22 756 05 05 | Whatsapp : +41 78 667 75 21

10 Rue de la Maison Forte - 1287 Laconnex - Genève

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